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Search Engine Optimization

We hate to break it to all the very pretty but ultimately shallow websites, but search engines don’t care how you look — they care about what you say. Keyword-rich content is good, but Google can tell when you’re faking and is too smart to fall for tricks.
We’ve identified a very detailed list of actions that must be performed in order meet the requirements of a very specific algorithm. It’s a pattern that search engines hear as a siren’s song. With a base in place, we comb through multiple sets of analytics to fine tune what’s working and what isn’t.
We work collaboratively with clients to obtain quality search engine positioning for highly sought after keywords and phrases based on a killer keyword report that we whittle down from 2,000 to the the top 200.
The best keywords with the highest potential return on investment become part of an intricate but important head to footer placement strategy. We ensure stability and growth, so our clients know that their online presence is working to build their business when everyone else is asleep.